Coach approach

Today it happened, the greatest thing of the year, the most exiting thing of the year, the most fun thing of the year, the sportiest thing of the year. If you haven’t already read my title it was COACH APPROACH!!! Coach approach is a team of people who have either  repesented Victoria or Australia. It’s different every year because we get new people that have done different sports. This year we had AFL,Ultimate frisbee, Lacrosse, Baseball, Hip hop and Team work. The first one we had was team work that’s where we got in teams and had to work together (duh) in Team work we had to make a line of us in alphabetical order. Easy you may think but that’s where you’re wrong because we weren’t allowed to talk. We also had to memorise a maze and do it together. After Team work we had Lacrosse that was my least favourite we had to catch a ball in a Lacrosse stick. Then we had Baseball that was fun we had to get into a pair put on a baseball glove on and throw the ball to each other then we had a game. The aim of the game was last partner standing,  that meant we lost cause I’m not the best catcher. Then we had AFL we had to hand ball the ball to each other in a zig zag pattern it was so fun then we had to get the footy and kick it at a bin. Then we had ULTIMATE frisbee that was fun we had to tag people and then they would stand stil until another player threw a frisbee at them and they caught it. Then we threw our frisbee to our partner and tried to get as many catches as we could without dropping it. Then we went to Hip hop that was soooooooooo fun we got to dance to humble by Kendrick Lamar. After that we went to the Gym and some people got awards 2 people got them in my class that was Shyla and Milly. Shyla won a downball and Milly won 2 tickets to a basketball game.

  The past few weeks I have been working on a mask.  I chose a traditional African style. The African mask was used in tribal dancing. I made it out of clay.

Taking action

My issue is the toilet paper at our school I think its a disgrace and we need to change it. The reasons I think we need to change it is because it is really rough and hurts. It is really thin and the pieces are small so we have use a lot of toilet paper finally I think it feels like baking paper and that’s the reasons I think we need to change the paper. I don’t think our toilet paper is great so help me to help you.

If you agree comment down below and tell me why you don’t like your toilet paper.

Helen Radnedge’s

If u want to read the following u have to believe it ALL because we had a councillor called HELEN RADNEDGE come to visit us . B4 we were here there were aboriginals here called the wurundjeri tribe, there were also Tasmanian Devils (probably not called that back then) the wurundjeri tribe was wiped out by the white people and for the “Tasmanian devils” they were all hunted except for a few which were on Tasmania when it broke off Australia. Not so long ago there was a Tasmanian devil in Gisborne which means they didn’t hunt them all unless somehow a Tasmanian devil swam from Tasmania to Australia, which is very unlikely. She then told us about if u see a dead kangaroo that u should call someone up to check the pouch for a joey don’t do it yourself cause if the kangaroo isn’t dead than it could kick you in a place that would kill.

B4 she became a councillor she was a gardener she is a new councillor, she was only elected in October 2016. She has to have lots of meetings and she has to read a document that has about 1000 pages. She has quite a bit low time to spend with her family although she had more when she was a gardener she has 3 kids who are pretty old cause the youngest child is 24. She loves being a councillor because she always gets a say.

I now know that I can speed to the council if I feel like there should change.

The magic flute

The Magic Flute is an opera. An opera is a story told by music and acting I will tell you the story. There is a prince called Tamino and a bird catcher called Papageno. Tamino is in the woods alone being chased by a deadly serpent.  He faints but is saved by three lady’s sent by the queen of  the night. Then he wakes up but the three lady’s are gone the only person he can see is Papageno the bird catcher. Tamino asks if Papageno saved him. Papageno says he did he says he strangled it to death. Then the three lady’s come to Tamino and Papageno. The three ladies ask Papegeno did you really save him he says yes I did then the ladies put a lock on him.


I can FEEL the cold freezing wind
leaves are dropping every few seconds
its the most beautiful thing
clouds cover the sky
all miserable and grey
leaves change colour

I smell the autumn breeze.